FlyFFers, an inventory and bag expansion was added to the game during the last maintenance! Here’s everything you need to know about the new update:


1. Inventory Expansion

Before, you can only use a total of 54 spaces in our old inventory. With the new update, we added 24 new slots making it a total of 78 slots! We also added 12 new spaces for the costume inventory from the original 42, in total of 54 usable space. (Note: Quest, Pet, Guild Storage and Bank slots/storage aren’t expanded.)



2. Bag Expansion

You can now add 2 more bags (with 6 free slots each) in addition to the existing bags you have. The Premium Bag can only be activated when the normal Bag items are both activated. The new bag is activated when you activate the normal bag item and then drag the new item to the slot.



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