Event Title: Valentine Quest Event 2022
Objective: Hunt monsters and receive rewards during the “Valentine Quest Event 2022”
Server/s: Rhisis
Event Period: February 9, 2022 until March 2, 2022 at 8:00 AM (GMT+8)

Valentine Event for Jessica & Nana

If you are Lv. 15 or higher, during the event period, defeating monsters with Lv.15 or higher will also reward you with the ‘White Chocolate Base 2022’, ‘Fresh Whipped Cream 2022’, ‘Dark Chocolate Base 2022’, and ‘Cocoa Pod 2022’ by chance.

Bring these items to the event NPC ‘Jessica’ and ‘Nana’ in North Flarine:

The item ‘Chocolate KIT 2022’ can be purchased from the NPC Cupidon in North Flarine for 250,000 Penya and the item ‘Milk’ can be purchased from NPCs that sells food items. (Such as Losha in Flarine)
By bringing those items you can exchange them for the following items:

After you exchange the ‘White chocolate gift box 2022’ or ‘Dark chocolate gift box 2022’, bring them to the NPC Rayn in Saint Morning and he will give his response to Jessica and/or Nana respectively.

You can receive the items ‘Rayn’s box (to Jessica)(2022)’ or ‘Rayn’s box (to Nana)(2022)’ from Rayn, and by opening them you can receive either the Refusal letter items (Refusal letter (for Jessica) or Refusal letter (for Nana) respectively) or Rayn’s present (for helping Jessica)(2022) / Rayn’s present (for helping Nana)(2022) respectively.

If you get the Refusal letters, you can bring them back to the respective NPC (Jessica or Nana) and they will require you to bring the following ingredients:

After you bring the Burnt Dark Chocolate 2022 or Burnt White Chocolate 2022 to Jessica and Nana respectively, they will request you to bring the material items from the beginning. From there, you can repeat the event until you get Rayn’s present (for helping Jessica)(2022) / Rayn’s present (for helping Nana)(2022) respectively.


You can receive the respective earrings from the Rayn’s Present items, which contains the following:

Here are the details for the Earrings:

After you get the rewards from each NPCs, you can exchange the additional material items for 2022 Valentine Box(Jessica) or 2022 Valentine Box(Nana) with the following materials:

For 2022 Valentine Box(Jessica)

For 2022 Valentine Box(Nana)

You can receive the following items from these boxes:

Here are some of the details for the items you can obtain from this exchange:

Valentine Dungeon Event

During the event period, each dungeon’s Boss will drop event item ‘Dungeon Weapon Ticket’ and you can exchange that event item with the NPC ‘Dungeon Ticket Trader’ in Norther Flarine to receive rewards.”

Here are the details about the Bosses. Please note that if you have too much of a level difference from the Boss monster, your change of getting the event item ‘Dungeon Weapon Ticket’ is not guaranteed.


Also, the re-entry time for each dungeon has been decreased for about 25% for this event! Please look at the chart below for details:

After you’ve collected the event item, you can exchange them with the following items: